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Explore our collection of unique resin crystal cauldron necklaces, perfect for the modern witch. These magical necklaces are handcrafted and available for sale. Discover your inner enchantress with these stunning accessories.
Purple cauldron with Kiwi Jasper coffin Crystal
Topaz - Encourages psychic development and clairvoyance. it can be useful for Creative people and those who work in some field of art. it is said to help you pass messages by telepathy.
Amazonite -Helps to increase self-esteem and heal emotions while soothing Jagged nerves is also good for areas where there is electricity or computers or if you live near pylons or phone masks as it helps clear geopathic stress and it is useful when you are faced with new projects especially those that need some money to help in getting them off the ground helps when abundance and prosperity are needed
Moss agate -Helps develop intuition and it can bring Peace of Mind and Spirit.
Kiwi Jasper -nurtures and supports us in times of stress. lifts the spirit, removes negative emotions, and offers us strength and support. It is an ideal stone to work with when suffering from addiction or compulsive behaviors, and can be a key tool in a journey of recovery.